Degrees: Pick one, any one, makes no difference.

“I always thought you should have done design,” said my mother not long after I got my English degree. Better late than never I guess. I didn’t even want to do a design/art degree anyway, don’t even care. I’ll teach myself, dammit.

I do wish I’d had more training with Adobe Flash so I wouldn’t have to learn it all in a week after saying, “Yes, I can make you an animation!”

Here was my first attempt at Flash a few months ago – you’ll note my crafty use of Windows Movie Maker filters, and utilising a lo-fi aesthetic to hide my technical ineptitude.

(It never got used, by the way, at least not this year. Better luck next year?! In another note, I’ve used countless times for Royalty Free music. I feel  thankful enough that I’m compelled to big him up here, in case you ever need various background music for videos. Just make sure you credit him accordingly.)


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