Patience: It takes Pixar 3 years to make a film…

I’m not sure I have the patience to work for Pixar. Actually, that’s a lie, if I worked for Pixar as an animator I’d be skilled enough to know what I was doing.

I’ve not forgotten about my blog; life has thrown me several large projects over the past month or so. Projects that have taken vast forests of my time, and have taught me valuable life lessons on procrastination and organisation. I feel wiser for the experience.

One of my projects has been an animation for a project team I’ve worked for before. It’s fortunate that the style of the film lines up neatly with my actual skill level in Adobe Flash (or, more likely, the other way round).

My humble ventures into animation have given me a whole new appreciation for any animated film. Even the really bad ones. It takes A LOT of time! This animation took around two weeks or so.

the deft project from deftoer3 on Vimeo.


2 responses to “Patience: It takes Pixar 3 years to make a film…

    • Why yes I did! I drew all the things by hand, scanned them into Photoshop to colour them in, imported them into Flash as symbols, then animated them frame by frame. I think I did it the loooooooooooong way round!


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