I, Clare Young, am now a (self) published author.

All shall love me and despair!

Seriously – I’m very excited about this. After much time toiling over HTML, CSS and crying over page breaks, I’ve finally created an eBook. It’s a short story I wrote for university – one of my favorites. I also designed the front cover! Click on the book below to go to MY AMAZON PAGE FOR MY SHORT STORY THAT’S NOW AN EBOOK!!!

Another Place book cover

“Hello? Yeah, can’t come to work today – yeah, I’m a published author now. Well…no, self-published, but it still counts. Oh, well does your name come up when you search for yourself on Amazon? Oh, it does? What about? Beer brewing? Oh…right. Well then I’ll see you later.”

I’m still trying to figure everything out… I’m also in the process of making my short story available for other formats, via Smashwords. You can click there to purchase other formats of my short story too!

I should totally make a ‘Books’ page to promote my so-far singular book.

I have quite a few short stories that I’m slowly going through, turning them into eBooks and then possibly making an anthology!

Oh, and if you do happen to purchase a copy (thank you!), and you notice a spelling mistake or a formatting error, I’d be sooooooo thankful if you’d let me know. I’ve checked, and double checked, and got someone else to check. But you know how it us (*published author sigh*)


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