Until I can sing no more: a very short piece of fiction

Another eBook published – come on now everyone, keep up!

This is a teeny piece of fiction, and here’s a blurb:

Dear mum and dad, I am writing to tell you I am currently behind held by [redacted] for an undisclosed period of time, which I’m sure you’re gonna say “I always knew he’d end up in prison,” even though it’s not like that I’m not even going to try and explain to you how I got here because you’re not even going to listen because you never listen when I’m trying to explain stuff. And don’t even bother trying to get me out; I don’t suppose you’re even going to bloody try anyway, because I can get myself out and I don’t even need your help. And don’t complain about me saying ‘bloody’ because I’m in prison and I can swear if I want to OK. PS: Don’t let Chris move into my room or use my stuff, and don’t let him tell you I’m probably going to end up dead because I’m not, OK.

And here’s where you can purchase it on:


Smashwords (for other formats)


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