100 things to Research and/or Write About

I’ve been working on about 5 different things recently, and completing none of them.

One idea was of a book of writing prompts. That doesn’t sound particularly appetising, I know. I wrote a small eBook but just as I published it, I realised it’s not really eBook material. The content is good: its a bunch of ideas I’ve collected over the years that have helped me with my writing. But, somehow as an eBook it all looks very thin. And people may get annoyed that they bought an eBook full of lists. So, I’m reworking my idea to be more…engaging? Instructional? I LOVE the work of Keri Smith, and my writing prompts are in a similar vein. So, I’m gonna get creative and start drawing.

I also had a sudden urge to create Syfy film titles as a Twitter project, because I never go on Twitter and really should. So far: Bloodwasp vs. Brachiogator, and Triassic Falcon Tudor Bloodbath. I had a lot of fun today!

I also started a habit of periodically coming up with as many plots as I could, to get those creative muscles working! So I’ve started to tweet those too in case anyone found them useful. They’re not as funny as Jurassic Wombat Roman Apocalypse or Earwig Swarm but I’m not Rob Delaney; if I’m funny, it’s accidental.

But for today, here’s a list of 100 things to research and/or write about. The more I do things like this, the more ideas I get and the better my writing becomes because the world gets more interesting. You know?

Anyhow, enjoy!

100 Things to research and/or write about

  1. Africa
  2. Agriculture
  3. Anatomy
  4. Ashrams
  5. Bananas
  6. Bird watching
  7. Botany
  8. Canals
  9. Cartography
  10. Castles
  11. Celebrities
  12. Child psychology
  13. Clothes
  14. Coal mining
  15. Cold reading
  16. Combustion
  17. Computing
  18. Contactees
  19. Cooking
  20. Crash testing
  21. Crows
  22. Debates within the deaf community
  23. Detection
  24. Diagnosis
  25. Diplomacy
  26. Disabilities and what it’s like living with disabilities
  27. Ducks
  28. Egyptian history
  29. Elephants
  30. Ethics
  31. Eugenics
  32. European history
  33. Feathers
  34. Film score composing
  35. Fletching
  36. Furniture
  37. Gaia theory
  38. Game theory
  39. Geopolitics
  40. Glue
  41. Hedgerows
  42. Hiking
  43. Hippophagy
  44. Home brewing
  45. House of Lords
  46. Housework
  47. Hunting
  48. Insects
  49. Insurance
  50. Jellyfish
  51. Kanji
  52. Knitting
  53. Landscaping
  54. Language acquisition
  55. Leningrad
  56. Lichens
  57. Liverpool
  58. Machu Picchu
  59. Magic tricks
  60. Makeup
  61. Marriage
  62. Mathematicians
  63. Mental health treatments
  64. Military history
  65. Mongolia
  66. Mountains
  67. Musicians
  68. Myths from around the world
  69. Neanderthals
  70. Neuroscience
  71. Nuclear power
  72. Oblivion
  73. Parapsychology
  74. Periodic table
  75. Pharmacology
  76. Philosophy
  77. Pigments
  78. Plastics
  79. Polar exploration
  80. Polyamory
  81. Prisons
  82. Prognostication
  83. Psychogeography
  84. Rainbows
  85. Running a hotel
  86. Sand
  87. Scientific Racism
  88. Sentiment
  89. Silt
  90. Slugs
  91. Snakes
  92. Space archaeology
  93. Space race
  94. Street photography
  95. Survival
  96. Tattooing
  97. Taxidermy
  98. The Mississippi
  99. Viruses
  100. Yom Kippur

2 responses to “100 things to Research and/or Write About

  1. Choosing what to do, what to write about, what to draw about…what to finish that one starts…I have realized that those decisions are the really tough ones!

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