Plot but no idea: 50 more prompts that might help

Like last week, I’ve been writing lists of prompts and ideas that can help me when I get stuck. Previously, it was when you had an idea but no plot. Today, it’s when you have a plot but no real idea of what the story is about. These prompts kinda help. I say kinda, some of them aren’t directly related to helping you find your theme but more helping you ‘think outside the box’. Thinking in a different way about your idea might trigger some other thoughts about your idea.

Regardless, I hope these help!

  1. 10 things your characters could learn by the end of your story
  2. 10 reasons why things are happening in your story
  3. 10 things that aren’t happening in your story. Why?
  4. 10 idea readers/viewers
  5. 10 metaphors for the events in your story
  6. 10 stories similar to your story. Why is your story different?
  7. 10 similar stories – what are their themes?
  8. 10 reasons why you want to write this story
  9. 10 different endings to your story
  10. 10 different beginnings
  11. 10 ways to make the things that happen to your characters even worse
  12. 10 reasons why your plot is boring
  13. 10 reasons why your plot is exciting
  14. 10 characters that don’t belong in your plot. Why?
  15. Change the genre of your story
  16. Write down each plot point in your story, and re-arrange their order.
  17. 10 emotions evoked by your plot
  18. 10 unexpected things that could happen in your story
  19. Watch all the DVD extras of 10 films that have similar plots to yours.
  20. List 10 dualities in your plot (from characters to events)
  21. 10 sentimental reasons you want to keep your plot the way it is
  22. 10 aspects of your plot you’re happy to get rid of
  23. 10 reasons everything in your plot needs to happen
  24. Replace all your characters (if you have any) with you and your friends and/or family. How does this change what happens?
  25. 10 points you think your plot might have
  26. 10 ways a psychoanalyst may look at your plot and then give their opinions on what kind of person you are
  27. Who has the most to lose in your plot?
  28. Who has the least to lose in your plot?
  29. Write down as many themes as you can think of. Which if any sound fitting for your plot?
  30. 10 ways in which everything could go wrong in your plot
  31. 10 things that are left when you take your plot out of the equation
  32. 10 ways to describe your plot with visuals alone
  33. 10 things that drive the characters in your story
  34. 10 things you’re going to put in your story, regardless. Why?
  35. 10 things dictated by your plot
  36. 10 things you think your story needs
  37. Write your story with a cynical narrator, or a narrator that lies, or a happy optimistic narrator. How does this affect the story? What does your narrator feel compelled to point out or ignore?
  38. What would you want your audience to know if they were to go through the same thing the characters would go through in your plot?
  39. 10 ways to make your plot avant-garde
  40. 10 ways to make your plot predictable
  41. 10 ways to simplify your story. What’s missing?
  42. 10 ways to complicate your story. What gets lost?
  43. 10 things you know for sure your story is not about
  44. 10 masculine elements in your story
  45. 10 feminine elements in your story
  46. What plots would be the direct opposite of yours?
  47. 10 reasons why you are stuck
  48. 10 consequences that arise from your plot
  49. 10 reasons why someone might care about your story
  50. 10 reasons why someone might hate your story

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