You as a Writer

MORE prompts. I’m all about prompts nowadays. This might be because I’m on my second draft of my novel and it’s a sticky mess. This week, it’s prompts that help me think about who I am as a writer:


You as a writer

  1. What would you like to write
  2. What do you think you should write?
  3. 10 stories you’d wish you’d written?
  4. Why?
  5. 10 films, books, TV shows you’d love to see/read but haven’t been made/written yet
  6. 10 ways you’d like to be described as a writer
  7. 10 aspects of your writing as it is now
  8. 10 aspects of your writing you’d like to have
  9. 10 characteristics of your ideal reader
  10. 10 writers you admire. Why?
  11. 10 writers who annoy you. Why?
  12. 10 ways you’d describe yourself as a writer
  13. 10 kinds of things do you like to write?
  14. 10 ways you’d describe success as a writer
  15. 10 things you’d never write about ever
  16. 10 categories on Amazon you’d like to have books/films/TV shows in
  17. 10 things you like to do in your spare time not related to writing/reading/watching films/TV shows
  18. 10 books/films/TV shows you’d like to be associated with
  19. 10 skills you need to improve as a writer
  20. 10 things you feel you’re good at as a writer
  21. 10 reasons why you want to be a writer
  22. 10 writing jobs you would like to do (e.g. horror novel, romance short stories, sitcom, articles in the Guardian newspaper etc…)
  23. 10 reasons why you shouldn’t be a writer
  24. 10 stories that made an impact on you. Why?
  25. 10 things that inspire you to write.
  26. 10 ways you’d pigeon-hole yourself as a writer
  27. 10 ways you’d refuse to pigeon-hole yourself as a writer
  28. 10 things you’re passionate about regarding the craft of writing
  29. 10 things you want to say
  30. 10 worse things someone else could say about your writing

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