Self Portrait

Hello – my name is Clare Young and this blog is my space to share my writings, thoughts and illustrations.

I write short stories, draw pictures, photograph things and rant about stuff. You can find the products of these endeavours on this blog. There will sometimes be swearing, as well as satire and possibly irony. I’m not sure.

Things I like, that you are likely to come across in this blog include: science fiction and fantasy, liberal politics, feminism, science, many other ‘ology’s and ‘ism’s, 80’s films.

If you would like to contact me, for whatever reason, please feel free! You can find my details to the side of this page.

Work with me!

I am open to (almost) all offers of work, whether it’s to write or draw something or collaborate on a project. Whatever you have in mind, do contact me and we can sort something out.


I am the creator of all works on this blog, from the short stories and articles to the illustrations and pictures. Ergo, all words and pictures belong to me, are mine, and are copyrighted.

Don’t steal them or pass them off as your own.

If you wish to use any of my words and pictures, attribute me as the original creator of the work and provide a link back to the original source material, then it should be fine. If you want to use anything of mine, but are unsure, please contact me. I’m quite easy going, so I’ll probably say yes, but it helps if you ask me first.

If you think I’ve stolen any of your work, then please contact me. I’m not sure why I would, it kinda defeats the purpose of me starting this blog. But mistakes can happen. So, please contact me and we can sort it out like adults.


I really enjoy hearing from people, so do leave a comment. Leave them anywhere and everywhere!

However, this isn’t a democracy – so, any trolls and spam are subject to my whims of retribution. Usually, that means deletion comment. Or, I may make a funny picture out of it. It depends.

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